2019 summer, a new project

Here is the start of a new residential home project started spring of 2019.
The project started with a great deal of blasting and hauling to get the ledge-rock bluff out of the way.

Blasting rock
Blasting rock for new custom lake home by Huisman Concepts

Dirt work and rock hauling being done by Schulze Excavating and blasting done by Charles Lamb...

The site is leveled to a height of the bottom of the footing first. Here it is with the first form boards starting to be placed on the leveled lot.

Footing Forming starts, custom lake home by Huisman Concepts

...and shortly after that, the ICF walls are in place. Concrete work here being done by Nickerson Construction.

ICF Forming, custom lake home by Huisman Concepts

Looking at these pictures now, one might think that is is always a beautiful day around Ely Minnesota but in reality it was an incredibly wet, rainy summer which hampered the progress of just about everything. Still, we managed to plug along and this project is going well now as we move into the snow season. More pictures to come in future blog posts.

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