New Years Eve.. I can remember when New Years Eve was always at least 30 below zero. It looks like we will get a bit below zero, they are saying -12 and it is dropping now… I suspect it will get a bit colder than that just because it is clear and it just feels like it is going to get cold, but then it looks like back above zero tomorrow and all is well… but those week long spells where it is 40 below at night with a high of 20 below have not happened in a long time. 
Maybe I just remember things wrong. Maybe winters were always like this… Maybe it’s just my old guy equivalent of saying we used to walk 6 miles to and from school in three feet of snow, uphill both ways…
I am not crazy about cold weather and snow. I could probably live somewhere where there is no snow and get along just fine. But here, In Ely… I think there should be a lot more snow right now and it should be a little bit colder. 
Maybe a month from now we will have 30 below and 4 feet of snow and I will wonder why I ever had these thoughts…
But winter is here, there is no question about that.

Spent some time by a fire tonight. about a 3/4 moon. Clear starry sky. About 10 below zero.
A can of beer will freeze in your hand, but if you nestle it in the snow it will be alright…

So where am I at? 
It’s been a good year for the most part. We have managed to stay busy with projects… Going into the winter here, though, things have slowed up a bit. A couple projects have fallen into place at the last minute, as usually happens, and I think we will get through to spring OK. The problem in northern Minnesota, of course, in the construction business, is you need to get the projects started before things totally freeze up in order to get any footing or foundation work in. Sure, you can do some siding, remodeling or roofing, but the new complete home or cabin project is nearly impossible to start up.
For my own part, I have plenty of shop work to do and, in fact, I am way behind on that. I have a door project that should have been done in October and another that should probably have been done long before that. I have a hard time getting these projects done when my main focus is on keeping the construction business going and the guys busy.
Looks like there are some things brewing now…some good projects, and we will be plenty busy going into the spring. Whenever that is…

In 2012 we lost a a few great artists.
One who’s music is very strong in my life is Doc Watson.
…so one more from Doc to end the year:

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