Some pictures of a door I built a few years ago. I was digging them out to add to my galleries.
It is a double door built out of Cherry.

Cherry carved door by
Half circular windows, double entry door, custom built for a home in Northern Minnesota. Ely MN
The uncarved interior side of the doors before finishing.

Carved custom door, Ely MN, John Huisman,
The lower left carving on the door. It is a lower relief carving of a trunk of a birch tree.

Ely MN carved doors,
The upper right carving on the custom built Cherry door. It is lower relief than what I usually try to do. The carving is of the leaves of a birch tree.


Winter came in Ely over the Thanksgiving Holiday.
I thought it was here a couple weeks before but the week preceding Thanksgiving saw temperatures in the high 40s and even 50 at one point. The frost that had settled into the came back out resulting in a spring like mud…

But, perhaps it is here to stay this time.
It sure feels like winter now. Several inches of snow fell over the Holiday weekend and it seems like it is here to say.

The chickadees pretty much have the feeder to themselves now. Little tufts of energy… I still don’t now how they survive…An occasional nuthatch stops in but, for the most part, the other birds seem to have left us.

..Looks like we are supposed to get a couple warm days here and then back below freezing. That’s fine with me. As hard as it is to get used to winter, once it is here I would rather it just stay till it’s done. I am not excited about the deep freeze coming in the next couple months, but this flirting with mid 30s temps just not very enjoyable.

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