Covered entry/porch project

Overall, it’s been a slow winter.
We are keeping busy with some smaller projects and making our way in to spring.
A small covered entry porch that I mentioned back on this post, is now underway.
Here is a picture I took yesterday on the site:

Ele MN clear blue winter sky,

It is actually a nice spot for winter work. The sun is getting strong now and this side of the house is somewhat out of the wind and in direct sunlight all day. Once the bulk of the snow is moved off the roof the rest melts very quickly. Even at about zero degrees, steam is rising off the wet spots on the roof. The day of that picture was a particularly amazing Northern Minnesota clear blue winter day.

Here is a shot of the building before we began, just before the snow started coming. We did the concrete footings while the ground was soft so that we could do the rest of the work sometime over the winter, (which is now):

Ely MN log cabin entry,
Just a quick sketch while sitting in my truck somewhere...

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