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Custom Carved Doors


Hand carved entry doors and other woodcarving

Huisman Concepts, Inc.specializes in custom-built, “one of a kind,” hand carved doors. We believe the entryway is one of the most important details on your home. It is the first thing people see when they arrive and enter. It establishes the feel of the home and though the main purpose is to separate the two worlds of inside and outside, it is also the magical place where those two worlds come together. Details in the entryway, how it is made, how it feels, can be a statement about the individuals living behind it.

Most carved entry doors today are machine carved and mass produced. Very few are done under the hand of the true craftsman. The doors we make are hand carved, one at a time, with a unique design made just for the home owner.

Owner John Huisman has built many custom hand carved doors for the homes he has built and has shipped carved doors to different parts of the country over the years. As time goes on, he finds that this is where his true enjoyment lies, in the working and the carving of the wood. Not only in the doors, but in other areas, the furniture he builds, carved mantels and other architectural woodcarving.

Our designs range from simple plank style doors to intricately carved masterpieces. Either way, the emphasis is on rugged durability. These doors are heavy. Most are about two and a quarter inches thick. You can feel these doors when you walk through them. We enjoy building one of a kind hand carved doors for special homes that require that special finishing touch. Carvings are not limited to wildlife, moose, loons, deer, etc., but could could take on any theme you might be interested in or require for your home or business.

Call us today at 218-365-4699 to take the first step in designing your dream door.

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