Ipe decking and summer bugs, Ely Minnesota

I never got around to showing pictures of this deck we finished over the winter on the house that we have been finishing up:

Sunshine on an Ipe deck near Ely by huisman concepts inc

The deck is made of Ipe, (pronounced ee-pay). It is a Brazilian Hardwood that is extremely dense and strong, (and incidentally, available locally at Voyageur Lumber in Ely).

Ipe decking, ely mn, huisman concepts inc.

Huisman, ipe deck, http://huismanconcepts.com/

This deck has already started to atain the silver/gray color of the weathered Ipe. They do make an oil for it, but I think the best thing with this type of wood is to just let it weather.

Ipe deck, lake, scenic view over lake, http://huismanconcepts.com/
Overlooking the lake. A perfect late spring/early summer day near Ely Minnesota with the blue sky reflecting in the surface of the water…
 ipe deck, ely, http://huismanconcepts.com/

Rather than have the visual obstruction of a railing around the part of the deck that would have been high enough to fall off and get hurt, and also to add visual interest, we dropped this portion of the deck.

Interesting grain in ipe decking, http://huismanconcepts.com/

The true beauty of the Ipe decking can be seen when you take a closer look. The grain patterns are amazing.

Ipe grain patterns, http://huismanconcepts.com/

Ipe grain, awesome, http://huismanconcepts.com/
Truly a visually spectacular wood.
A couple evenings ago we found this spectacular Luna Moth 
hanging on a branch in a tree just off the deck:
Luna Moth photo, http://huismanconcepts.com/, works of art, woodcarving, custom doors

Luna Moth, (Actias luna), near Ely Minnesota.

 When we think of the bugs of summer here in Northern Minnesota, we often forget about the more beautiful ones.
Speaking of bugs, I have a sister who has an strange interest in photographing bugs, among other things… Like this one:

More of her photos, (not all bugs), can be seen here: http://pinterest.com/akittelsen/

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