Last of the ice…

The last of the ice on the lakes in the Ely area cleared off this week. After the rain on Monday, (May 12), there wasn’t much left on Burntside which is usually about the last to go completely. I took this picture on Tuesday May 13th. We  were seeing another nice day of mixed clouds and sun but still quite windy and chilly standing on the lake-shore. What is left of the ice is almost a crystal form making the most pleasant tinkling sound as the waves jostle it against the shore.

The next day it was all gone.

The rain we have been getting so much of has been annoying, especially to the baseball players and coaches, but it is nice to have the lake levels high and so far there hasn’t been even a hint of fire danger…

Over the past few weeks with the warmer weather we have been finishing the exterior of the house we have been working on, building the entry timber frame and roof and finishing the side. Stuff that we stopped doing several months ago as the painful cold set in for the winter.

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