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Maintaining Your Custom Carved Wood Door

A custom wood door of this nature and cost should not be subject to the elements any more than necessary. Finish life varies, and the amount of moisture, direct sunlight and accumulation of dust or soil all affect the finish. In severe weather exposure, finish life will be significantly reduced. For this reason, we do not recommend tht you place a door of this type on an unsheltered side of a house where it will get constantly beat up by sun and rain. Remember – the door is only wood, and no amount of care and maintenance will help it if it is subject to constant direct sunlight or the elements. All of the doors we have built, and most of the homes that will want a door like the customer doors we build, have a nice covered entryway. Doors placed in such an entryway is not a problem. A little moisture from the occasional driving rain storm, or snow blowing onto it and melting, is not a problem,

Maintaining your door is fairly simple. We recommend you check it at least twice a year. If you see evidence of dulling, a “dry” feeling, raised grain or minor surface checks, the finish will will need re-coating with a high quality spar varnish. Spar varnish (also called marine varnish) is high quality, waterproof, and sunlight-resistant varnish named for its use on ship or boat spars.

Though you may use any high quality spar varnish you wish, we use Helmsman® Spar Urethane. This is a specially formulated protective clear finish for exterior or interior wood that is exposed to sunlight, water, or temperature changes, and contains UV blockers to reduce the sun’s graying and fading. Follow the directions on the can or on the website to insure proper application.

NOTE: finishes must be maintained to preserve our guarantee. If the finish is not maintained, it will begin to fail, and your door may require a complete refinishing. Remember, failure to maintain the finish will void the guarantee.

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