masonry heater/pizza oven, bell-cote

Ongoing project developments, we have a pizza oven/masonry heater installed by Solid Rock Masonry:

Above is the start of the project showing the firebricks and the structure and below is the finished unit with the stone and firebox, oven and wood box. This is in the kitchen of the home.

A shot here of the “bell cote” with the gable shingles and Doug Fir knee braces:

…and a distant shot of that same gable end:

This area is the master bedroom on the second level with balcony doors and windows overlooking the lake:

The siding is going up on the other side of the building and some of the windows installed.

The ice was starting to darken up just a bit last week but a little bit of snow makes it appear that winter still has some way to go on Burntside Lake:

And it’s looking like we will not see much in the way of ice melting temps for the next week or so…


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