quick blog post: new small winter project

Here is a small project we will be starting on this winter some time.
The homeowner of this log home decided they would like a covered porch entry way area built on to their existing log home.
The porch roof will come out at a 45 degree angle from the intersection of the existing roofs.

This is a typical start to a project like this. Here is a picture of the house as it sits now, where the porch will be added:

Log home before porch project http://www.huismanconcepts.com/
Picture of the house as it is now with the existing entry.
CAD elevation of covered porch project http://www.huismanconcepts.com/
This is a CAD elevation of the proposed new roof over the entry deck.

covered porch project, pencil http://www.huismanconcepts.com/
A quick pencil sketch…

I’m not sure when we will start this exactly, but we got the footings in before the ground froze solid so we can start and time during the winter…

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