In the early part of 2021 we finished this garage/shop/studio building near Ely Minnesota.
At some point in the project we just started referring to it as "The Barn".
There is a large shop and garage space on the main level and art studio/bedroom and kitchenette space up above.

Credit where it is due:
All general construction materials, door and windows etc provided by Voyageur Lumber of Ely.
Excavating and dirtwark done by Phil Hegfors
Some minor rock blasting done by Charles Lamb Construction
Electrical done by Cunningham Electric of Ely.
Concrete work was done by Nickerson Construction of Ely
Plumbing and heating and A/C was done by Ron Dubbin Plumbing,
Garage doors were supplied and installed by
Drywall finishing and painting done by Nick Levins, Vermilion Painting
The bulk of the work, all framing, siding, wood floors, metal roofing and every other aspect of the construction process was done by Chad Carlson, Jason Folz and Paul Anderly, guys who I have worked with off and on for over 20 years.