Custom Home Design and Construction

For nearly three decades, we've been partnering with individuals, turning dreams into reality with our custom home designs and builds amidst the breathtaking landscapes surrounding Ely, Minnesota. Your dream home journey begins here.

Galleries of Project Pictures

Remodel and renovation projects

Beyond crafting new homes, we've also excelled in remodeling over the decades. From complete rebuilds to kitchen and bathroom makeovers, our projects have even extended to in-town commercial spaces. Explore examples of our transformative touch in these diverse remodeling endeavors.

Galleries of remodel and renovation projects

Custom Carved Doors and Other Woodworking

Explore the artistry of our custom woodworking, featuring an array of handcrafted doors that tell stories of timeless craftsmanship. Behold a collection of meticulously carved doors and other woodwork pieces that reflect our passion for creating functional pieces of art

Gallery of Custom Doors and Woodworking Projects