A new project added to the custom home page: The Lodge

In the creation of this expansive residence, the collaborative process with the homeowner played a central role. Working alongside their vision, we embarked on the task of translating their ideas into concrete plans. The design phase was a nuanced journey, with the homeowner's concepts often taking shape in a dynamic and evolving manner.

Navigating through the inherent challenges of a more fluid process, my drawings played an important role in capturing and refining the evolving vision. Embracing the dynamic nature of the project, my role extended beyond a conventional design process to effective on-the-fly problem-solving.

Spanning three levels, the residence has distinctive features such as awe-inspiring stone fireplaces, custom stone and tile work in the bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen equipped with custom cabinets and quartz composite countertops. The interior stairs showcase hand-forged iron railings, a testament to the personalized touches that evolved from our dynamic collaboration. Additionally, handcrafted log siding inside and out adds a unique touch to the overall design.

The journey to bring this vision to life was not without its challenges, but it's within the fluidity of the process that the true beauty of the residence unfolded. It is the result of a balance of capturing and refining ideas, ensuring the end result reflects a blend of evolving creativity and planning.

Here is the page with finished photos.

Digging into the files, here are some CAD renderings and sketches from the journey of this project. Yet, let's be real—the real magic comes from the skilled carpenters and tradespeople that I am so lucky to have working with me. They are the ones turning these ideas into something amazing.

...and sometimes I like to just sketch with a pen or pencil...