The Rock Fireplace

Here is the rock fireplace being done at this custom home we have been working on all summer. The fireplace was mostly completed in September 2022.

The rock work is being done by

Here are some progress shots from the summer.

Some pieces of the stone here are laid out for selection.
It is a real stone veneer about 2 inches thick:

Rock pieces laid out for fireplace
Rock fireplace in progress
progress in the stone work (1)
progress in the stone work (1)

And this is fireplace pretty much finished up. Still needs the hearth and the mantel but for the most part, it is done:

Finished fireplace rock work

On the exterior of the building, the rock work is being done here:

Rock chimney on the roof

Once the stone work is done, the roofing can be finished up:

Stone chimney and roofing

Sometimes during the construction process you look around and realize the rare view you have from the very highest point on the structure... another beautiful summer day in the North:

View of the lake from the roof