Some progress on a door I am building.
The doors are hard to see progress on because the parts are all built and all the carving is done before everything is put together. So, even though the door looks like it is nothing yet, there is a great deal of work that has been done and once the carvings are finished, the panels will be varnished and then the assembly takes place. At that point, the door is almost done.

This is basically a frame and panel door, meaning the stiles and rails form the frame of the door and the panel will be set into slots on the inside edges of the frame and left loose so that they can move around, expand and contract, with humidity and temperature changes etc.

The rails are joined to the stiles by a basic “mortise and tenon” joint. Here is a shot of what that looks like:

 This is the door frame assembled and laying on top of the flat panels. The slots for the panels in the frame have not been cut yet:

I have begun the carving on the panels. They are roughed in and I am ready to go over them and finish the detail carving. There is carving on only one side of the door, so there is one carved panel and one flat:

 This door will have a side panel. Again, only carved on one side, so there is one flat panel and one with the carving:

I have the jams all made and finished and assembled. Here is a shot showing the threshold of the assembled door jam:

Here is a drawing of what the door will look like on the exterior when it is completed:

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