Extra time at the baseball field…

I have been able to continue my interest in spending time at the baseball field even in the off season by doing some work there.
It has been apparent for some time that the roofs on the dugouts were needing some work badly. Though they were only about five or six years old, (that’s about when they were replaced after a strong wind ripped them completely off), the rolled roofing that had been put in place was weathering badly. There were quite a few rips and openings in the roofing that made the dugouts somewhat less than waterproof.


 Over the past few months I had been to many ball fields and most of the roofs were just a standard corrugated metal panel. I could see and hear the foul balls hitting them and they seemed to hold up fine. I could see a dent here and there, but nothing serious. So, after some discussion, that is what we decided to do. Over the last couple weeks my son, Patrick, and I went at it and completed the roof project this week.
I took these pictures today in the sunlight and I think they look significantly better than they did before.

 I have probably mentioned what a great baseball field we have here in Ely. I have been to many fields this summer and I can easily say we have one of the best. It is a huge ongoing process that takes so much time and commitment from the people involved. I am glad to be a small part of this project.


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