A Mesabi Black Granite countertop install

When we built this house a few years back, we went with a nice wood edged, laminate surfaced countertop. 

Recently, I was called back to look at replacing the counter-top. The wood edges were now scratched and worn quite a bit and the laminate surface had chipped around the edges here and there.

Granite was the preferred material and after looking at some options we decided to go with something from right here at home…

I am a huge fan of stone countertops and one of the coolest things mined here on the Iron Range, I think, is Mesabi Black Granite, quarried just down the road near Babbitt Minnesota.

In a world where so much of the granite is mined and shipped from places far away, it is really nice to be able to use something that is so cool yet sourced right here in our back yard.

I called the guys I usually work with when it come to granite, the guys down at Laurentian Monument Granite and Stone. These guys have done quite a few jobs for me over the last few years and I keep calling them because their work is excellent. They are also very nice guys and extremely easy to work with.

Here are some pictures:

Cherry cabinets, https://huismanconcepts.com/
This is the kitchen with the Laminate counter-tops before the change.
Countertops removed from the cherry cabinets
The old counter-tops have been removed…
Moving a slab of mesabi black granite, https://huismanconcepts.com/
Jeff and Carlos of Laurentian Monument rolling in one of the slabs of Mesabi Black granite. This, of course, was one of those April days when we woke up to another 4″-6″ of new snow… wait, I think every day in April was like that…
Ely minnesota cabine, granite countertops
The newly installed granite countertops.
under-mount stainless sink in mesabi black granite countertops
An undermount stainless sink…
Mesabi, black, granite, ely, minneosta
The peninsula top with overhangs for seating…
mesabi, black, granite, ely, mn, minneosta
Mesabi Black Granite, quarried in Babbitt Minnesota.
granite, black, mesabi, ely minnesota
cedar and stone, cabin, ely MN
The stone and cedar cabin on a warmer day…